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The sick fucks from ANAL FISTFUCKERS have got some fresh shit for you!

Finest scat-porn-gore-grind, just the way we love it and how we know these sickos!

6 unreleased tracks + all coversongs they ever did, in total 14 hits and you'll get a nice poster on top!

Scatgrinder, what more could you want, get this sick CD!

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In 1989 BLOOD released their debut album "IMPULSE TO DESTROY", the beginning of a sonic warfare that is still uncompromised and ongoing. Now, 30 years later, the release of this milestone of sick oldschool Deathgrind in its ultimate incarnation. 

86 Deathgrind/Grindcore attacks in a luxurious 3-CD Digipak edition, containing the original recordings, the remastered roughmix of the album (incl. the "recognize yourself" EP) and a massive amount of previously unreleased rarities, all remastered and partially restored from old tapes. Probably the most complete summary of the entire work of BLOOD in the period from 1988 - 1990. 

The 30th anniversary edition contains nothing less than:
• 86 songs from the years 1988-1990
• 8-panel Digipak with inside printed jacket, red hotfoil stamping, matte lamination and 20-pages full coloured booklet
• never before published photos from the "IMPULSE TO DESTROY" photo session
• huge collection of oldschool flyers and interviews
• liner notes by Martin "Chicken" Witchskinner, Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds (Blasphemy), Blum (original cover artist), Mark Sawickis (Impetigo), Stoffel (Yacøpsæ) and many others
• special roughmix cover artwork by Thomas "Necromaniac" Westphal
• roughmix and bonus tracks remastered and partially restored by Patrick W. Engel (Temple of Disharmony)
• CD 1:"Impulse to Destroy" original album
• CD 2: unreleased remastered roughmix including the "recognize yourself" EP songs, (lost for 30 years!!!)
• CD 3 rarities - 30 previously unreleased bonus tracks

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The new smut-album by MEATKNIFE!

Once again you get finest slam-grind-gore-groove, it's all about crack and whores in a nasty town, welcum to JUNKY TOWN!

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Splatter Goregrind Split CD with 4 bands





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CULT Goregrind!

The complete ROMPEPROP discography in a very nice double CD Digipak, a MUST HAVE!


Disc 1
Menstrual Stomphulk
1     Int(i)ro(l)     
2     Dislocated Purple Stoma     
3     The Erected Underwater Necro-Clitstomper     
4     Zuilzalf     
5     Pelikanelul     
6     Swarming Of The Cysts     
7     The Babyshitter     
8     Cuntlava     
9     Boneryard     
10     Crash Test Faggots     
11     Untitled     

Hellcock's Pornflakes
12     Intro "The Liberation Of Eindhoven"     
13     Vaginal Luftwaffe     
14     Embryoyo     
15     Vulcanic Eskimo     
16     Coughin' Coffin     
17     Swimming In Neanderthalers     
18     Concrete Hamburger     
19     Pussyjuice Chup A Chup     
20     Hellcock's Pornflakes     
21     Anal Sushi (Recipe By GUT)     
22     R.O.M.P.E.P.R.O.P.     
23     Outro "The Sadistic Death Of Ruud Ter Weijden"     

Just A Matter Of Splatter
24     LullabysexualAndreH-6-6-6     
25     I Am The Dolphin Sprayhole Fucker     
26     As She Licks My Only Ball....     
27     Lubricate The Fucksaw!!     
28     BodyBagBitch     
29     Donkypunch     
30     We Want Gore!!     
31     Over & Outro     

Masters Of Gore
32     Hallo     
33     Lilliputterkuttenbutter     
34     Flikflakmnwokkeltokttralies     
35     Cleveland Steamer     

Disc 2
Gargle Cummics
1     Quackquack     
2     Foreskin Fart     
3     Pikzwarteflikkerkak     
4     K'nijnen Met Un V-hals     
5     M'n Lul     
6     Gr(e)indhoven     
7     Horrorble Hangover     
8     Achmeds Arüm (The Perfect Moshlimb)     
9     Scottish Handcuffs     
10     Tante Shampoo     
11     Bring Out The Dead     
12     Deadman     
13     Cleveland Steamer     
14     Porn To Be Wild     
15     Stront, Wie Het Oe Gescheten?     
16     Einde     

Great Grinds Drink Alike
17     Kak Ik Trek Een Zaadsok Aan     
18     Alcospoil     

19     Horror Whorehouse     
20     Turd Date     

Live Tracks
21     Intro     
22     Boneryard     
23     Dislocated Purple Stoma     
24     Cuntlava     
25     Horrorable Hangover     
26     Cleveland Steamer     
27     Embryoyo     
28     Pelikanelul     
29     We Want Gore!!     
30     Dislocated Purple Stoma

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